What be the Krunk

The Southern Krunk BBQ Society consists of Andy Allen; head executive in charge of libations and guardian o' the pop sauce, and Randy Hill; chief potentator and krunk disc jockey. They hail from the great state of Arkansas, where one can find the fusion of Texas, Memphis, and Kansas City bbq styles melting into "the Krunk." They have been cooking righteous bbq for over 10 years, but have brought their efforts together over the last 2. They have appeared on Season 3 of the hit bbq series "Pitmasters", seen on Destination America along with the exciting new series about their craft "BBQ Crawl" Season 1 as seen on Canada's Travel and Leisure Channel.

Both zen masters of the smoking arts, Randy and Andy feel the journey along the bbq trail is more important than the trophies and trinkets they have collected. They are on the constant quest of culinary perfection that transforms food into that "ah ha" moment of food-gasmic bliss and awe. They have cooked, and won, many sanctioned contests from across the nation. They have also helped initiate a contest in their hometown of Hot Springs, the BBQ Festivus. They have hosted cooking classes, prepared and donated food for charitable purposes, and appeared on radio and internet webcasts.

But what both treasure most, are the great friends they have made in their sojourn. BBQ cooks speak a different language and are wired a little different than others. BBQ cooks are driven, passionate, and just a little bat shit crazy. They compete fiercely, yet share generously. The world of BBQ is a bright shiny place, filled with pigs, chickens, and cows (albeit dead and smoking) mingled together with lies, libations, and laughter. A world not unlike Wal Mart, with smoking hot wimmen and gallant gentlemen, who smell of smoke and bourbon. This is the world we all we want to live in!

Oh, and if ya' gotta ask what krunk is, ya' ain't ever gonna understand what krunk is!